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Marsfield is a suburb on the Northern Suburbs of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The green residential suburb is noted for its proximity to a number of leading scientific and tertiary educational institutions. Marsfield is located 16 kilometres north-west of the Sydney central business district in the local government area of the City of Ryde. Due to its close proximity to the Macquarie Park Business Park, Macquarie University Hospital, the new Macquarie University railway station and Macquarie University, it is a growing suburb.

Marsfield is derived from Field of Mars Common, which was the original name of the area in the early days of British colonisation of Australia.

The whole area between Parramatta and Lane Cove Rivers was originally, known by its Aboriginal name Wallumatta. The aboriginal name survives in a local park, the Wallumatta Nature Reserve, located at the corner of Twin and Cressy roads, North Ryde.

In 1792 Governor Phillip began the granting of parcels of lands to Royal Marines, and the area was referred to on Phillip's maps as the Field of Mars, named after the Roman Field of Mars probably because of the military link. The area was later part of the suburb of North Ryde, and many consider that Marsfield is still a part of the greater North Ryde area. Field of Mars was also the name for the parish proclaimed in 1835.

Many of the streets in Marsfield and bordering suburb Macquarie Park are named after famous historical conflicts or battles. Such examples of street names include Crimea, Culloden, Waterloo, Herring, Taranto, Torrington, Balaclava, Agincourt, Busaco and Khartoum.

Stately, historical Curzon Hall was built in the 1890s by Harry Curzon-Smith. The house was bought by the Vincentian Fathers who established St Joseph's Seminary.[2] It now serves as a function centre.

Marsfield is bounded by the Lane Cove River, Macquarie University Sports Fields, Talavera Road, Culloden Road, Waterloo Road, Vimiera Road, Marsfield Park and Culloden Road in the north, Epping Road, Shrimptons Creek, Kent Road, Ruse Street and Shrimptons Creek in the east, Bridge Road and Abuklea Road in the south and Terrys Creek in the west.

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