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Suburb Profile - South Turramurra

South Turramurra is a suburb on the Upper North Shore of Sydney in the state of New South Wales, Australia 18 kilometres (11 mi) north-west of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of Ku-ring-gai Council. Turramurra and North Turramurra are separate suburbs.


Turramurra is an Aboriginal word meaning tall trees. Early settlers referred to the area as Eastern Road until the name Turramurra was adopted when the railway station was built in 1897.

During the early 1990s the suburb of South Turramurra was threatened by the construction of the B2/B3 extension, designed to connect the M2 motorway in North Epping with the Pacific Highway. This freeway would have cut the suburb in half, and consequently a grass-roots community organisation (Coalition Against Lane Cove Valley Freeways) was formed.


The nearest train station is Turramurra railway station. Buses to South Turramurra operate from Turramurra train station. Shorelink bus route 571 runs along Kissing Point Road, and route 572 runs along Kissing Point Road to Macquarie University and Hornsby. The Comenarra Parkway, a minor arterial road consisting of only one lane in each direction, creates a boundary with Turramurra, to the north.

Commercial area

South Turramurra Shopping Village is located on the corner of Auluba Road and Kissing Point Road. It features a bakery, butchery, post office, newsagent, pharmacy, grocery, liquor shop and a gourmet pizza shop.


  • Turramurra High School
  • Turramurra Public School


South Turramurra is surrounded on the other three sides by the Lane Cove National Park.

  • Field of Dreams, Kissing Point Road near Vernon Street
  • Sir David Martin Oval, Auluba Road (Home of Kissing Point Sports Club)
  • Netball Courts, Canoon Road


The strong community support for the anti-freeway campaigners resulted in the protection of the bushland at the foot of the suburb of South Turramurra as part of the Lane Cove River National Park. Many different and diverse action groups were formed (and still remain) in order to effectively lobby government. The environmental community group STEP Inc, which was formed in South Turramurra in 1978 has grown to be a powerful force for the environment in northern Sydney. The result of the anti-freeway campaign has resulted in some of the worst gridlock traffic in all of the Sydney area. During peak hours, commute times via automobile to the Sydney CBD, which is less than a 20 km (12 mile) journey can be 90 minutes or more. Poor city planning is often cited as the cause. Evidence of this can be seen in and around the Pacific Highway as more and more multi-unit apartment buildings with underground parking for many cars are constructed yet little or no improvement to the surrounding roads and infrastructure are made. Artery roads flowing to and from the Pacific Highway from both North and South Turramurra are congested and usually at or above their designed capacity at any given time during daylight hours.

The relative isolation of the community from its geographical neighbours has resulted in a unique social atmosphere, with the development of many musical talents, artists and creative thinkers. The close proximity to the bushland and natural settings whilst being enclosed within the city is often noted as the defining characteristic of this charming suburb.

1st Turramurra Scout Group is one of the oldest and strongest Scout Groups on the north side, with active programs for boys and girls aged from 8–11 Cub Scouts, 11–15 Scouts through to young men and women 15–17 Venturer Scouts and 18–25 Rovers.

Turramurra and Kissing Point Rover Crews, both based on the south side of Turramurra, are active groups of young people aged 18~25, who are into a wide range of outdoor, social and community service activities.

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