8 Reasons why Doctors use a buyers agent

1 Time –They are time poor and a buyers agent can cover the property market for them 6 days a week.

2 Shortlist Properties – Once we have viewed all of the properties, we will compile a shortlist of those that best meet your requirements and deliver this to you.

3 Find it faster  – With a team of agents working for you, we will cover more ground and invest more hours searching, locating, investigating and evaluating properties to make the whole process quicker, smoother and stress free.

4 Silent Sales – We know what to look for and where to look and because we are doing this full time, we are able to cover the full property “on” and “off” Market so; you don’t miss any properties at all. Having preview and direct access to the best properties provides you with an advantage over other buyers and allows you to secure your ideal property faster, saving you time, money and eliminating all the stress.

5 Values – We subscribe to the databases that give you the most up to date comparable sale price’s so, you are able to make a well informed decision on a properties value.

6 Negotiation – Negotiating is an art and we know the tricks of the trade, so once we have found a suitable property we use these skills to secure the property on the best terms and at the lowest possible price.

7 Supervise – After exchange of contracts we will make sure everything is attended to in a professional and efficient manner right through to the day of settlement.We will liaise with all parties and can also assist in the co-ordination of solicitors, pest and building inspectors, valuers, conveyancers and finance.

8 Representation

We do not receive secret commissions or ‘kickbacks’ from sellers. You will have an unbiased independent property Buyers’ Agent working on your side, with your best interests at all times.


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