Skeen Property recently secured a home in Rosebery prior to auction for a young family, and we thought we’d catch up with the new owner, Tom Etherington, to get his feedback on using Rob and Laura from Skeen Property for the search.

How long had you spent looking for a home before engaging Skeen Property?
It was the best part of two years. We kept changing our minds on what we wanted as we’d been renting a house in Clovelly but couldn’t afford to buy there. Well, maybe a shoebox. We thought about continuing to rent and buying an investment property, but at the end of the day, we wanted a family home.

Why did you engage a buyer’s agent?
Lots of reasons. I liked the idea that buyer’s agents get to hear about off-market opportunities and know how to get the real story from a real estate agent and are aware of all their tricks. Rob and Laura also had a really good idea of what the properties we looked at were really worth.

Where did you think we could help you the most?
Well, the main reason we engaged Skeen Property was because we missed out on a great house a couple of months before we bought. In that case a buyer’s agent used clever tactics to secure the home for their client, and we just weren’t prepared.

Did you have any reservations about using a buyer’s agent?
Not really. I was pretty sure that Rob and Laura would be better than me at every single stage of the process – from searching for homes to bidding at auction. I knew I’d save a lot of stress and money along the way.

How did you eventually find your home?
We looked at a few off-market houses that weren’t quite right. We were overseas for a while, and Laura visited one property and sent us pictures and a report on the place so we could make a judgement without having seen it. In the end, our house was already on the market, and all set to go to auction.

But it didn’t go to auction.
No, thankfully. Laura and Rob came up with a strategic plan to secure the property before auction at a price I was really happy with. The owner accepted our offer three days before the auction day. There was at least one other very interested party, but they just weren’t prepared for our tactical move. A similar thing had happened to us so I felt a bit bad for them!

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