Independent Property Investment advisor for Financial Planners

Financial planners can offer great advice to help a client fit direct property within their portfolio to complement their overall investment strategy but when it comes to investing in particular direct property assets, investors are often self-directed because financial planners are limited by ASIC rules and licensing.

Financial planners can tell clients to buy an investment property but not where, how and what to look to for. Financial planners will not and cannot give you direct property advice in their “statements of advice” as they will be breaking the law. (Unless they are licensed real estate agents too)

Thankfully as independent property investment specialists, we work with your firm to offer our expertise to the strategy’s you would like to be implemented and provide your clients a “statement of property investment advice” using the appropriateness of property within their portfolios, taking into account their asset allocation and personal circumstances. We offer extensive documented reports for your clients (if that is all that is required) or if need be as property buyers agent help them to execute their direct property plans economically and efficiently.

Property reports start as little as ( $395 gst inclusive)

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