Jessica's Story

Jessica came to us has a first home buyer and a little intimidated of our hot Sydney housing market. Jessica actually had spoken to other professionals in the industry and they tried to talk her out of buying a unit with her relatively small budget, Jessica had been renting for some time and to transition to be a first home owner seemed impossible and was nonetheless disheartened.
Thankfully Jessica spoke with us, we had a different mindset to the other industry professionals, we knew we would be able to find her what she was looking for, although not even I was prepared for how quickly that happened.
Jessica had only $450,000 to work with and wanted to buy in the Inner West, the unit needed to have 2 bedrooms, laundry, and balcony and had to be in a fairly good condition as she was going to moving in right away.
After searching for only two weeks we came across a unit in Ashfield, it ticked all the boxes it even had distant city views from one of the bedrooms, it was on a busy road, however it was nestled at the back of the unit block and we didn’t hear any road noise. We went in hard to secure this property we didn’t want it going to another open house and it pushing the prices up, the agent was quoting over $415,000 and through our strong negotiations we got the deal over the line for $425,000. This was a great win for us, we were well under Jessica’s budget and in one of the Inner West suburbs that Jessica wanted to buy in but didn’t think that was possible.
Jessica is now living what she thought last year was just a dream, congratulations to Jessica and to her new journey of being a Sydney property owner.

Property risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.
Property risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.

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