With over 30% of our business being expatriates and foreign buyers Skeen Property Buyers Agents has the experience, systems and tools in place to be able to service you diligently and professionally.

We act as your eyes and ears here on the ground and can offer you the independent and impartial advice needed for your piece of mind.

We will supply you the pictures the agents will not want to show you and the relevant sales data to ensure you are well informed on the price of your home or investment.

We will coordinate all aspects of the property search and purchase on your behalf and we will advise you on the best Sydney suburbs and property types that will suit you best.

At Skeen Property Buyers Agents we understand the difficulty of communicating across time zones. We accommodate for time variances – wherever you might be in the world we are available 24 hrs/7 days a week for you. (If you are a foreigner looking to invest in Australia please refer to the Foreign investment review board)

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Temporary Resident Buying with Australian citizen spouse

If you are on a temporary visa such as a spouse visa, 457 work visa or student visa and are buying the property with your Australian citizen spouse or de facto partner:

• You do not need FIRB approval if you are buying the property as “joint tenants”

• You will need FIRB approval if you are buying the property together as “ tenants in common”

• You can buy a new property, existing property or vacant land

• You can live in the property or it can be an investment

Who Needs Approval?

You will need FIRB approval if you fall into the following categories

The Government approves the vast majority of FIRB approval applications. If you meet the guidelines provided on the Government website www.firb.gov.au there are very few reasons that could cause your application to be declined.

The Government monitors foreign investment to ensure that the investment will benefit Australia. In particular foreign investors are limited to investing in “new” properties so that their investment adds to the existing housing stock in Australia. This is to prevent speculation which has little benefit for the Australian economy and that could result in escalating housing prices.

Source: www.firb.gov.au