At Skeen Property Management we pride ourselves on maintaining a selective portfolio so we can treat clients to a personalised service. You won’t be just a number with Skeen Property Management we want to know our clients personal needs and we will adapt our service to each individual.

We offer strong market credibility, and Landlords and tenants both associate Skeen Property Management with quality, giving them added confidence when leasing.

What Skeen Property Management can do for you

We offer complete property management service for property investors, backed by the marketing services, systems and professional training.

Our Property Managers are well known for attention to detail. For the care of your valuable asset, we prepare a written inspection report complete with supporting photos at the commencement of each tenancy and ensure that a rental bond is lodged.

An inspection of the property when a tenant vacates is a standard procedure at Skeen Property Management and bonds will only be released if the condition of the property is deemed satisfactory. Inspections are conducted during the tenancy and important repairs and maintenance will be arranged with your approval.

Financial transactions are conducted with efficiency and receipts issued for all monies received on your behalf. You are accounted to regularly and monies are paid by cheque or deposited in an institution of your choice.

By maintaining your asset in good repair and ensuring it is well presented, you will maximise rental income, reduce vacancy periods and attract a high standard of tenant. Vacant properties cost money and are security risk.

We can assist in building your property investment portfolio as a secure means of investment for your future.

Our Guarantee

So you know what you can expect from Skeen Property Management we have put our service commitment to you in writing


  • We are available to you 6 business days a week (either by phone or by email).
  • If your personal Property Manager is unavailable at any time during business hours and you leave a message, it will be returned within one business day.
  • We will respond to all emails and faxes within 1 business day

Vacating Tenants & Letting

  • Upon receipt of the vacating notice, we will advise you within one business day.
  • List your property on the internet within 1 business day & affect the agreed marketing.
  • Communicate with you at least once a week while your property is available.
  • All tenancy applications will be processed within 1 business day of receipt.
  • Advise you in writing of approved applicant’s details within 2 business days.
  • Provide you with a copy of the Residential Tenancy Agreement & Property Condition Report within 2 business days of your new tenants’ lease commencing.


  • You will be advised of all maintenance issues prior to proceeding unless the repair cost is under the agreed Authorised Repair Limit (unless the repair is legally defined as “urgent”).

Rent Collection

  • We have a zero tolerance rent arrears policy.
  • In the event that your tenant ever fails to pay the rent on time, we will pursue the rent arrears with the maximum speed the law will allow.

Rent Statements & Rent Funds

  • Your rent statement will be personally checked by our Business Manager who is a trained accountant as well as a Licensed Real Estate Agent with 15 years experience.
  • We understand that managing a mortgage and other finances is often a juggle so we offer the unique service of transferring funds on a date specified by you alternatively funds will be deposited automatically into your nominated bank account at the end of each month.

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