Sydney Property Market January 2014

Where the reinvigorated property market of Sydney means smooth sailing for sellers, for buyers it means competition for quality properties is heating up, making the task of finding that elusive home or investment property & successfully completing a purchase even more daunting. If sellers have professional agents to look after their interest, shouldn’t the buyers?


Who? Buyer’s Agents are also known as property finders, Buyers advocates relocation agents, property search agents, home hunters or property acquisition consultants.

What We Do? Buyers’ Agents are specialist property professionals who come to the rescue of hard-pressed purchasers. We act wholly and solely on behalf of the buyer and not the seller in the property purchase transaction. Our role is to find out each client’s exact wish list for the ideal home, then source and shortlist suitable properties. When the client has chosen, we then negotiate the sale and secure the dream property at the best possible price and on the best possible terms.

History? Buyers Agents have been operating in Australia since the mid-90s but have mainly been in the employ of time pressed professionals or Australians living abroad. Whereas 63% of US buyers employ a buyer’s agent, it is estimated that less than 1% of property buyers in Australia use buyer’s agents but that is changing and fast particularly in Sydney.

With Sydney’s fast growing population and as Australia’s (unofficial) financial capital. It is attracting a vast amount of global investment and where distance and lack of local knowledge pose a real problem for overseas buyers or expatriates as well as locals so employing an efficient buyer’s agent has become imperative.

Choice of buyer agents? Always good to have. But there is only one boutique brand that pride themselves by putting their family name and reputation on the line day in day out. Skeen Property Buyers Agents

Fees? Pretty straight forward. We charge a flat fee.

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