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Finding your perfect home is time-consuming and tricky, particularly if you are new to an area or are simply too busy to look. Our buying agents work with you to make the process as simple as possible.

Phase 1: Consultation

After an initial discussion we meet with all of our prospective clients at their homes or at a convenient location to fully discuss our service and to talk through individual needs.

Our detailed consultation means we can begin your property search armed with as much information as possible to minimise the path to purchase.

Phase 2: The search begins

This is where you let us do what we do best — sourcing properties that precisely meet your requirements. We continue previewing and accompanying you to suitable properties until you have found ‘the one’.

Phase 3: Negotiations

So, we have found ‘the one’. What next? It is now our job to negotiate the best possible price and terms for you. We are experts in doing this not just through years of experience but also because our business-to-business relationship with Estate Agents allows us more insight. It is a matter of pride to make our service self-funding through tough negotiation.

At this stage we can recommend tried and tested Solicitors, Strata inspectors and Building and pest Inspectors.

Phase 4: Through the purchase

We work for and with our clients right up to handing over the keys.

Call us now 02 9033 8616

Where we work

As your buyers agent we cover a 20km radius of the Sydney CBD

What price ranges?

We mainly work with clients above the $500k level but for investment properties do work at levels below that.

How we differ from other Buying Agents

Your personal Buyers agent should be living and breathing your search and sales progression 24/7.

Our contract is for 12 months. Many in the industry will have 3- 6 month contracts meaning that work will cease at that point. Our fees are transparent and extremely competitive.

Our reputation is important and every one of our clients receives the highest possible service levels, whatever their budget.

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